It has been ages since I've updated our blog. Sorry! A lot has happened since the last time I updated and posted pictures. Our Bella baby is here! She was born on March 20th and needless to say...we are loving having her in our family! She is such a happy baby! She got off to a bit of a rough start with some tummy issues...but is a happy, very healthy (and chubby!) little girl. She sleeps through the night and is so much fun...for all of us! The boys adore her! The biggest problem is getting them to leave her alone. They run to her if she makes a peep and I've had to teach them that her making a sound is different from crying! It's hard to get upset, though, when they are just loving her. She FOR SURE has them all wrapped around her finger...Daddy included!
So here are some pictures we had done last week. We have recently moved and because of that, and other circumstances, we will just now be blessing her..in July. So we wanted some blessing pictures and some of all of them together. I thought I would shock J by also getting mine and Bella's done together. A VERY rare thing for me to get my picture taken! We hope to get some with Jason and the kids, as well as entire family ones, done soon. Until then...enjoy!

Ok so for those of you who don't already know...the day we returned from the family reunion we had for my side of the family we found out the The Ruesch's would be gaining a new member of the team! Quite a surprise...but we are getting use to the idea now. So here is the first picture of him or her. Of course, ask our boys and they are 100% certain that this is a girl! The boys started school last week and for Cody's first 5th grade assignment he had to write about himself. He of course went into the usual of loving basketball and how he was going to be an NBA superstar when he grew up. Then he proceeded to say that he had 3 brothers and 1 sister! After much deliberation he agreed to change it but still insisted, "But I KNOW it's a girl, Mom!". It was very cute. Little Cade comes to me once in awhile after saying his bedtime prayers and informs me that he asked Heavenly Father to make the baby a girl. So sweet...makes tears come to my eyes everytime! They are very excited for this baby, needless to say. My due date is April 4...so end of March! A great time to have a baby!
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The older boys just finished UNLV basketball camp and had a great time! It is such a great opportunity for them and they learn so much about the fundamentals of basketball. The camp is done by all of the coaching staff and players and the kids love that they get to interact with them. It was a ton of fun! Just a few pictures from that.

Brady & Joe Darger

Boys w/ Lon Kruger @ UNLV camp

Cody receiving his shooting award from Coach.

Cody & Wink Adams

Brady w/ his team coaches Beas Hamga & Matt Shaw
Cade & Jax needed some love!

What a poser!

Crazy Jax!

Cute Cade!

Preschool Graduate!